Team Building


6-12 people per hour

You and your team will have to explore around Hull city centre and utilise the sights an scenery to solve your cryptic clue sheet. Using a smartphone and barcode reader to find the key locations you need, you’ll definitely need to bring your thinking caps to be victorious.

Country Park Puzzle Hunt

6-12 people per hour

The closest you can get to an outdoor escape room! Spend time solving puzzles and clues walking around the scenic Humber Bridge Country Park. Using a GPS smartphone to navigate and armed with a backpack of items, teamwork and a keen eye is the key to success.


6-12 people per hour

Which team will come out victorious and tackle the taskmasters fiendish set of challenges? Each tricky task will require attributes such as memory, balance, problem solving and most importantly ingenuity and creativity in order to solve them.

Secret Agent: Bomb Defusal

6-36 people per hour

A powerful and dangerous device is armed and is set to go off in a matter of minutes! You and your teams have been called in to decrypt the encoded instructions and defuse the device before the timer reaches zero. A steady nerve under pressure is required to save the city – will you accept the challenge?

Virtual Reality Racing Simulator

2-24 people an hour

Ever wanted to drive a Lamborghini around Silverstone on your lunch break but just don’t have the time or money? Our VR racing simulator is the next best thing! Our two state-of-the-art racing setups have full 360 degree view thanks to our HTC Vive VR headsets, racing seat, force feedback steering wheel and metal pedals.

Golf Simulator

100,00 courses

We’re delighted to have teamed up with Beverley based company PlayPro. Their state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor golf equipment delivers thrilling competitions, from playing nearest the pin and longest drive challenges through to selected holes or a full 18 hole round at over 100,000 courses including the Augusta National and St Andrews.